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Bash Street

A 7mm hump shunting layout

Bash St. Goods portrays a small hump shunting facility in a completely fictitious location.

Hump shunting was introduced to speed up the shunting of wagons with various sidings fanning out from the incline thus allowing wagons to move under their own momentum after being propelled over the hump.

This layout allows you to practise your own skills in hump shunting, the aim being to place the right coloured wagons into the correct siding. Just like real life, each wagon has its own characteristic so your co-ordination skills between engine driving, signalling and shunting are tested.

Locomotives and wagons used vary from event to event although in normal circumstances a diesel shunter can be found as the motive power.

Scale: 7mm to 1 foot
Gauge: O
Dimensions: 10 ft by 1 ft 6 inches
Space Required: 10 ft by 5 ft

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